Ninny the Invisible Child and Moomintroll and the Martians

The beginning of 2019 brings us two new sets of Moomin dishes from Arabia, the Invisible Child and the new Moomintroll and the Martian replacing the series discontinued in 2018. Each series contains a mug, a plate and bowl and will be released on February 11.

Ninny is the main character in Tove Jansson’s short story, The Invisible Child, published in 1962. In the story the Moomin family receive’s an unusual guest, little Ninny who has been mistreated by her caretaker and has turned invisible. She is afraid to talk, play or even laugh.  Moomin family takes her in and treat her with kindness and care. Little by little Ninny regains her confidence and turns visible bit by bit. Moomintroll does everything he can to help Ninny, encouraging and teaching her new games.  In the end Ninny’s small face appears and she finds courage to show her feelings.

The Invisible Child is a story about the importance of seeing and being seen. Arabia has chosen 2019 to release the Ninny dishes because this year the UN convention on the Rights of the Child will be 30 years old. The campaign is intended to support children’s rights and equality.

The new Moomintroll dishes are colored in fresh grass green and they show Moomintroll with a small Martian who is lost. One day a flying saucer crash lands in Moominmamma’s cabbage patch. Moominpappa uses a strange machine dangling out the the flying saucer to fix their broken radio but he accidentally makes himself and Moomintroll invisible. When they discover the little lost Martian, the Moomins hide him from the police until he is found by his parents.

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Moomin Collector’s Plates 2018 Millenium and Rose

The Moomin Collector’s Plates get two new additions this autumn, Millennium and Rose, with pictures you might remember from the corresponding mugs from 2000 and 1990’s.
The Millenium mug was designed to celebrate the turn of the Millennium, and the image shows the whole Moomin family and their friends gathered outside to watch the fire works of the New Year 2001. They left their warm hibernating beds to celebrate such a unique event.
The plate and mug Rose are based on Tove Jansson’s comics in which Moomintroll tries to win Snorkmaiden’s heart again when she gets jealous of the Primadonna from the circus.

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Moomin True To Its Origin 2018

As autumn officially starts today, we bring you two new products to add to the True to Its Origin series which was launched in autumn 2017. These are a larger jar and a serving bowl covered with images from Moominvalley in November and Moominpappa at Sea. They convey the same melancholic somber feeling from the books which were written by Tove Jansson soon after her mother passed away.

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Light Snowfall Moomin Winter 2018 Series

This Winter Moomin Seasonal Series from Arabia features Moomintroll’s wonder at meeting his first snow. As we well know Moomins sleep through the winter, but in “Moominland Midwinter” Moomintroll wakes-up while all the family is in deep sleep and goes outside where the world looks totally new covered by a white blanket of snow. After the first shock of the unknown world around him Moomintroll gets excited and starts to enjoy the scenery.

As in previous years the series contains a mug, a bowl, two coffee spoons and a set of 4 decorative mini-mugs. The winter products are available from 1st of October 2018.

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Moomin House and Afternoon in Parlor Pitchers

Arabia enchants us with two new Moomin treasures to enjoy with our morning coffee or on a warm afternoon on the terrace. Here we bring you the small Afternoon in Parlor pitcher for milk or cream, and the larger Moomin House pitcher for juice and other drinks with a lid to keep insects away.
The beautiful Moomin House pitcher is the perfect image of the house build by Moominpappa for his beloved family, and it features all the Moomins and some of their friends in different rooms of the house, while Moominmamma takes care of her garden.The Afternoon in Parlor small jug evokes the sweet quiet Sunday afternoons of childhood, when everything slows down, there is no worry in the world, and all you can hear is the grandfather clock and the turn of the pages when Moominpappa reads his newspaper.

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Going on Holiday – Arabia’s New Moomin Summer Products

We have been giddy with anticipation for the arrival of the new Moomin summer seasonal series from Arabia. As usually, they do not disappoint. This summer the Moomins are getting ready to go on a new adventure, they are packing to go on vacation on a deserted island. A group of scientist witnessing the preparations are pondering what the Moomins are up to, how the weather is going to change and if it is wise to go on such a trip. But the Moomins don’t mind the scientists and just keep collecting all that is needed for such an enterprise: fishing rods and beauty products, swimming suits and pancake pans, food supplies and cooking utensils.

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Moomin News from Arabia- Hobgoblin, Thingumy and Bob

We are so excited about the new Moomin sets from Arabia: Hobgoblin, and Thingumy and Bob and the King’s Ruby!

Thingumy and Bob and the King’s Ruby come to replace the old Thingumy and Bob set which was discontinued last year, and the Hobgoblin is a totally new character in the Moomin Arabia family.

These two new designs are based on images from Tove Jansson’s book Finn Family Moomintroll. The original drawings were black and white and now Tove Slotte breathes new life into them, enriching them with deep purple, red and fresh crispy green.

Last summer we were presented with the special Moominvalley Mug which was illustrated with the cover of the same book, and these two new designs follow the story line from the book.

When Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin find the Hobgoblin’s hat, all kinds of unexpected adventures and mishaps begin in Moominvalley.  Eggshells thrown into the hat turn into clouds on which the children fly over the valley, and when Moomintroll hides into the hat during the hide-and-seek game he is transformed beyond recognition.

The Moomins exchange later the hat for the King’s ruby which Thingumy and Bob have stolen from the Groke. This large ruby is exactly the one that the Hobgoblin is looking for, when he arrives to Moominvalley riding his panther, but he is refused.

In the end the Hobgoblin grants wishes to everyone at the party offered by the Moomins, and thus Thingumy and Bob wish for a ruby duplicate which they offer to the Hobgoblin, who can grant wishes of others but not his own.

The new Moomin character dishes come to our shop in week 8 of 2018.

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Moomin Spring Winter Arabia 2017

This year’s winter series from Arabia is called Moomin Spring Winter. They are designed by Tove Slotte based on pictures from Tove Jansson’s book, Moominland Midwinter (1957). Tove Slotte has been working with Arabia for more then 30 years, designing almost all of their Moomin products. She gives new life to these beloved images, bringing them into the 21st century with a fresh crisp look.

As the name of the series suggests, they bring promise of spring while winter is not over. As we know Moomins sleep through the winter, but now Moomintroll has awakened from his winter sleep and goes out to see snow for the very first time. Little My is also getting acquainted with the snow. She discovered that Moominmamma’s silver tray is perfect for sliding down the hill.

As the sun starts to shine a little more and the snow is melting, Snufkin returns to Moominland from his long wandering journey. He knows that Moomintroll has been waiting for him longingly.

After the winter solstice the day light starts growing little by little, and by March spring is in the air, but the Moomin friends can still enjoy the winter games and adventures.

This lovely new Moomin series contains a mug, a bowl, 2 coffee spoons, and a set of 4 mini-mugs for the Christmas tree or home decoration.

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