Moomin Friendship Series from Arabia

Moomin Friendship group720

The new colorful Moomin dishes from Arabia celebrate the joy of friendship, as originally told in the story “Who Will Comfort Toffle”.  The story follows little shy and lonely Toffle who in the end overcomes his fears and reaches out to another timid soul, Miffle.

The first dishes of the Moomin Friendship series are a serving bowl, jar with lid and a pitcher. The series will be supplemented in late 2016.

Designer Tove Slotte created a unique product family based on Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, drawing inspiration from the colorful passion of the original story.

“Now once upon a time, although not very long ago, 
And hidden in the forest where the tall dark pine trees grow,
There lived a boy named Toffle in a house that stood alone,
He always felt so lonely, and one night was heard to moan:
I feel so frightened of the dark, especially tonight,
Perhaps I’ll feel a bit more safe if all my lamps I light,
And if that doesn’t really help, then into bed I’ll creep
And cover up my head and try to cry myself to sleep.”



( Tove Jansson, 1960, Who will comfort Toffle?)


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