The Moomin House Mug

The Moomins live in a round blue house. The house has three stories and a cellar where Moominmamma stores her much appreciated jam. On the ground floor there is the kitchen, the salon and the bathroom, on the first floor there are the bedrooms and the second floor holds Moominpappa’s study, where he writes his memoirs.

Tove Jansson’s original drawings show some more details from the old house: Hemulen’s room as well as Thingummy and Bob’s room and Muskrat’s room on the ground floor,  Moomintroll and Snufkin shared bedroom on the first floor, where also Sniff and Snork have their own rooms, and there is always spare room for unexpected visitors.

Moominpappa built this wonderful house for his family with his own two hands and he is very proud of it. The Moomin family adopted all kinds of creatures which came to live in the house. Moominmamma takes good care of them all and a hug from her can always make you feel better no mater how sad you are.

It is said that in the old days Moomins used to live behind the ceramic fireplace in Tove’s house, and that is why Pappa has build a house of the same round shape.

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Moominpappa’s Story

03“One cold and windy autumn evening many years ago a newspaper parcel was found on the doorstep of the Home for Moomin Foundlings.[…]

The Hemulen who had built the Foundlings Home snorted her customary snort and clamped a numbered seal on my tail to avoid mixing me with other children. There were a lot of us, and we all soon became grave and tidy youngsters, because the Hemulen had a most solid character and used to wash us more often than she kissed us.

Still, she had one little weakness; she was interested in astrology, and every time a Moominchild was found on her doorstep she observed the position of the stars. They seem to be most important things!

Just imagine – had I come into the world only half an hour later I would have felt compelled to join the Hemulic Voluntary Brass Brand, and one day earlier only gamblers were born. (Mothers and fathers should keep such things well in mind.)

But when the Hemulen looked at my stars she just shook her head and exclaimed: ‘This will be no easy Moomin. He’s overtalented.’ “

This is how Moominpappa starts his touching story in “The exploits of Moominpappa – Described by Himself. Set down and illustrated by Tove Jansson” – translated by Thomas Warburton

Moomin Mug Summer 2015 Moment on the Shore Hetki Rannalla

Moominmug03LMomentontheshore_6411801001013The new Summer 2015 Moomin Mug from Arabia features pictures from the Moomin falls in love in the comic album #3. This mug is the last piece of a story which started in 2012 with Primadonna’s Horse, followed by Snorkmaiden and the Poet and Sailing with Niblings and Too-Ticky.

After months of heavy rain in Moomin Valley, Moomins try to save an entire circus from the flood. Moomintroll soon falls head over heels in love with the circus Primadonna.

Later Moomintroll sets up camp on shore with the circus strongman, Emeraldo, where they bath in the sun fishing, away from the ladies which have grown jealous. During the night Hattifatteners attack the ladies but the Primadonna’s horse alerts the men and Moomintroll rescues the true love of his life, Snorkmaiden.

The whole adventure comes to a happy ending with Moomins returning to their house on stilts.

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