Moomin News from Arabia- Hobgoblin, Thingumy and Bob

We are so excited about the new Moomin sets from Arabia: Hobgoblin, and Thingumy and Bob and the King’s Ruby!

Thingumy and Bob and the King’s Ruby come to replace the old Thingumy and Bob set which was discontinued last year, and the Hobgoblin is a totally new character in the Moomin Arabia family.

These two new designs are based on images from Tove Jansson’s book Finn Family Moomintroll. The original drawings were black and white and now Tove Slotte breathes new life into them, enriching them with deep purple, red and fresh crispy green.

Last summer we were presented with the special Moominvalley Mug which was illustrated with the cover of the same book, and these two new designs follow the story line from the book.

When Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin find the Hobgoblin’s hat, all kinds of unexpected adventures and mishaps begin in Moominvalley.  Eggshells thrown into the hat turn into clouds on which the children fly over the valley, and when Moomintroll hides into the hat during the hide-and-seek game he is transformed beyond recognition.

The Moomins exchange later the hat for the King’s ruby which Thingumy and Bob have stolen from the Groke. This large ruby is exactly the one that the Hobgoblin is looking for, when he arrives to Moominvalley riding his panther, but he is refused.

In the end the Hobgoblin grants wishes to everyone at the party offered by the Moomins, and thus Thingumy and Bob wish for a ruby duplicate which they offer to the Hobgoblin, who can grant wishes of others but not his own.

The new Moomin character dishes come to our shop in week 8 of 2018.

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