Ninny the Invisible Child and Moomintroll and the Martians

The beginning of 2019 brings us two new sets of Moomin dishes from Arabia, the Invisible Child and the new Moomintroll and the Martian replacing the series discontinued in 2018. Each series contains a mug, a plate and bowl and will be released on February 11.

Ninny is the main character in Tove Jansson’s short story, The Invisible Child, published in 1962. In the story the Moomin family receive’s an unusual guest, little Ninny who has been mistreated by her caretaker and has turned invisible. She is afraid to talk, play or even laugh.  Moomin family takes her in and treat her with kindness and care. Little by little Ninny regains her confidence and turns visible bit by bit. Moomintroll does everything he can to help Ninny, encouraging and teaching her new games.  In the end Ninny’s small face appears and she finds courage to show her feelings.

The Invisible Child is a story about the importance of seeing and being seen. Arabia has chosen 2019 to release the Ninny dishes because this year the UN convention on the Rights of the Child will be 30 years old. The campaign is intended to support children’s rights and equality.

The new Moomintroll dishes are colored in fresh grass green and they show Moomintroll with a small Martian who is lost. One day a flying saucer crash lands in Moominmamma’s cabbage patch. Moominpappa uses a strange machine dangling out the the flying saucer to fix their broken radio but he accidentally makes himself and Moomintroll invisible. When they discover the little lost Martian, the Moomins hide him from the police until he is found by his parents.

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