Summer Theater – Moomin Summer Series 2017 from Arabia

This summer’s seasonal products from Arabia feature the Moomins and the summer theater.

One summer night a nearby volcano erupts and creates a massive wave that floods Moomin Valley. While escaping the flood the Moomin family and their friends find a building floating past, and take up residence there. The house looks strange, missing a wall, has red velvet curtains and all kinds of strange clothes and wigs and stairs that go nowhere. They believe it is a deserted house until they find out someone else lives there, Emma, who explains that it is not a house but a theater.  Emma, the theater rat,  tells the secrets of the theater world to the Moomins. Moominpappa gets so excited that he even writes a play in which everyone gets to act.

Tove Jansson’s book insightfully describes the human challenges and opportunities. The theater is a stage where everyone can be someone else. “The theater is the most important thing in the world, because it shows you whom you could be, and who you would like to be even if don’t dare be.” Jansson says.

As last summer we will have a mug, a plate and two coffee spoons. Additionally there will be two small ceramics figures, Moomin Troll and Snorkmaiden.

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