Moomin Animation Mugs Arabia

Arabia surprises us this summer with four beautiful mugs illustrated with scenes from the new Moominvalley 3D animation series. The series from Gutsy Animation gives new life to Tove Jansson’s stories bringing them closer to younger generations through a mix of 2D/3D techniques where the characters appear in 3D with 2D illustration for the background.

Each mug is linked to a different story and a different season: spring with the Last Dragon, summer with the Golden Tail, fall with the Night of the Groke and winter with Midwinter. The four mugs come with a special stamp on the bottom showing the Moominvalley animation logo and they are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe up to 200°C.

Spring has arrived in Moominvalley and Snufkin has just returned from his trips. Moomintroll has been eagerly awaiting the return of his friend because he has big news to tell him. He has just found a beautiful golden-dragon, and he wants to show his new pet to his friend.

The entire Moomin family has to leave the house which is overwhelmed by the flood in Moominvalley. The summer theater floating in the river becomes a new home for the family.

Moominpappa is excited to create a play of adventures from his youth. The excitement of the play causes the Moomintroll’s tail to go bald. But Moominmamma has an unexpected solution: Moomintroll will get a golden tail!

In Night of the Groke, Moomintroll is left alone when Mamma and Pappa are going on an impromptu adventure. He has to overcome his anxiety by confronting the cold shadowy creature, the Groke. The Groke is a ghost like creature which freezes everything she touches and leaves a trail of ice and snow in her walk.

She seeks warmth and friendship but is feared by all and left alone in her cold cavern on top of the Lonely Mountain.

In Midwinter Moomintroll wakes up too early from his hibernation to find Moominvalley covered in snow.

Walking alone in the winter silence, Moomintroll has to resort to the wisdom of his ancestors to survive the winter mystery.

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Moomin Evening Swim Arabia Summer 2019

Remember the Moomin family preparing to go on vacation last summer? This summer we find them on holiday on an island. Will all the things they brought along be of any use on this adventure? Fishing rods and beauty products, swimming suits and pancake pans, food supplies and cooking utensils, they seem to be well prepared.

Here they meet a group of pirates and they rescue Mymble from a sinking ship. Under the red sunset sky they enjoy an evening swim, jumping from a quickly improvised diving board, while a little yellow cat watches from the shore in disbelief.

As we are used by now, Arabia enchants us again with the 6 piece set of the summer: a plate, a mug, 2 spoons and 2 new handmade minifigurines, Little My and Tooticky which makes now a family of 6 ceramics figurines based on the original design of Tuulikki Pietilä :

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Muurla Spring Collection

Tove Jansson, Astrid Lindgren and Elsa Beskow are three of the most prolific Scandinavian authors of children’s books which enchanted the childhood of many generations. They are celebrated around the world not only through their books but also in everyday life through beautifully designed home items. With spring we bring you a rich new collection from Muurla featuring the Moomin family, Pippi Longstocking, Emil and Ida, the Blueberry and Lingonberry people, as well as the Nordic series illustrating the nature and animals of the North.

One of the most loved picture from the Moomin collection is Moomin Island. With a beautiful archipelago sunset, the picture is evocative of the rocky Finnish islands where Tove Jansson has made her home and place to work during summers for more than 30 years.

Finnish clothing brand Makia has created a new Moomin inspired product line. In addition to clothes and accessories, they collaborated with Muurla to create several enamel mugs and candles. In autumn we had the Moominpappa and the Sea series, and now we have three new pastel color models based on the Adventures of Moominpappa book.

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Moomin True To Its Origin 2018

As autumn officially starts today, we bring you two new products to add to the True to Its Origin series which was launched in autumn 2017. These are a larger jar and a serving bowl covered with images from Moominvalley in November and Moominpappa at Sea. They convey the same melancholic somber feeling from the books which were written by Tove Jansson soon after her mother passed away.

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Light Snowfall Moomin Winter 2018 Series

This Winter Moomin Seasonal Series from Arabia features Moomintroll’s wonder at meeting his first snow. As we well know Moomins sleep through the winter, but in “Moominland Midwinter” Moomintroll wakes-up while all the family is in deep sleep and goes outside where the world looks totally new covered by a white blanket of snow. After the first shock of the unknown world around him Moomintroll gets excited and starts to enjoy the scenery.

As in previous years the series contains a mug, a bowl, two coffee spoons and a set of 4 decorative mini-mugs. The winter products are available from 1st of October 2018.

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Moomin House and Afternoon in Parlor Pitchers

Arabia enchants us with two new Moomin treasures to enjoy with our morning coffee or on a warm afternoon on the terrace. Here we bring you the small Afternoon in Parlor pitcher for milk or cream, and the larger Moomin House pitcher for juice and other drinks with a lid to keep insects away.
The beautiful Moomin House pitcher is the perfect image of the house build by Moominpappa for his beloved family, and it features all the Moomins and some of their friends in different rooms of the house, while Moominmamma takes care of her garden.The Afternoon in Parlor small jug evokes the sweet quiet Sunday afternoons of childhood, when everything slows down, there is no worry in the world, and all you can hear is the grandfather clock and the turn of the pages when Moominpappa reads his newspaper.

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Going on Holiday – Arabia’s New Moomin Summer Products

We have been giddy with anticipation for the arrival of the new Moomin summer seasonal series from Arabia. As usually, they do not disappoint. This summer the Moomins are getting ready to go on a new adventure, they are packing to go on vacation on a deserted island. A group of scientist witnessing the preparations are pondering what the Moomins are up to, how the weather is going to change and if it is wise to go on such a trip. But the Moomins don’t mind the scientists and just keep collecting all that is needed for such an enterprise: fishing rods and beauty products, swimming suits and pancake pans, food supplies and cooking utensils.

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Moomin News from Arabia- Hobgoblin, Thingumy and Bob

We are so excited about the new Moomin sets from Arabia: Hobgoblin, and Thingumy and Bob and the King’s Ruby!

Thingumy and Bob and the King’s Ruby come to replace the old Thingumy and Bob set which was discontinued last year, and the Hobgoblin is a totally new character in the Moomin Arabia family.

These two new designs are based on images from Tove Jansson’s book Finn Family Moomintroll. The original drawings were black and white and now Tove Slotte breathes new life into them, enriching them with deep purple, red and fresh crispy green.

Last summer we were presented with the special Moominvalley Mug which was illustrated with the cover of the same book, and these two new designs follow the story line from the book.

When Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin find the Hobgoblin’s hat, all kinds of unexpected adventures and mishaps begin in Moominvalley.  Eggshells thrown into the hat turn into clouds on which the children fly over the valley, and when Moomintroll hides into the hat during the hide-and-seek game he is transformed beyond recognition.

The Moomins exchange later the hat for the King’s ruby which Thingumy and Bob have stolen from the Groke. This large ruby is exactly the one that the Hobgoblin is looking for, when he arrives to Moominvalley riding his panther, but he is refused.

In the end the Hobgoblin grants wishes to everyone at the party offered by the Moomins, and thus Thingumy and Bob wish for a ruby duplicate which they offer to the Hobgoblin, who can grant wishes of others but not his own.

The new Moomin character dishes come to our shop in week 8 of 2018.

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