Moomin Collector’s Plates 2018 Millenium and Rose

The Moomin Collector’s Plates get two new additions this autumn, Millennium and Rose, with pictures you might remember from the corresponding mugs from 2000 and 1990’s.
The Millenium mug was designed to celebrate the turn of the Millennium, and the image shows the whole Moomin family and their friends gathered outside to watch the fire works of the New Year 2001. They left their warm hibernating beds to celebrate such a unique event.
The plate and mug Rose are based on Tove Jansson’s comics in which Moomintroll tries to win Snorkmaiden’s heart again when she gets jealous of the Primadonna from the circus.

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Moomin True To Its Origin 2018

As autumn officially starts today, we bring you two new products to add to the True to Its Origin series which was launched in autumn 2017. These are a larger jar and a serving bowl covered with images from Moominvalley in November and Moominpappa at Sea. They convey the same melancholic somber feeling from the books which were written by Tove Jansson soon after her mother passed away.

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Light Snowfall Moomin Winter 2018 Series

This Winter Moomin Seasonal Series from Arabia features Moomintroll’s wonder at meeting his first snow. As we well know Moomins sleep through the winter, but in “Moominland Midwinter” Moomintroll wakes-up while all the family is in deep sleep and goes outside where the world looks totally new covered by a white blanket of snow.¬†After the first shock of the unknown world around him Moomintroll gets excited and starts to enjoy the scenery.

As in previous years the series contains a mug, a bowl, two coffee spoons and a set of 4 decorative mini-mugs. The winter products are available from 1st of October 2018.

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